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Sunrise Children's Association

Sunrise Children's Association Inc. Child and Family Dvpt


What we do

We primarily work to prevent trafficking and unnecessary separation of children from families into orphanages, child labour, early marriage and other high-risk situations, and help families improve their livelihoods and capacity to provide safe, nurturing homes for their children; we provide temporary residential care for children rescued from abusive orphanages or other situations of high risk or neglect and; we re-connect and reunite rescued children with their families and communities.

How we do it

We work closely with children, families, local communities and local government bodies to identify and address the root causes of these issues, using a holistic, sustainable model of support;

1) Prevention – Empowering children and families through Education and Livelihood support

We tackle the problem at its source, by directly supporting children with Education Scholarships while they remain in their own local communities. These generally include school uniforms, fees and education materials, and in some cases extra child and family support, such as medical care, clothing or basic household goods.

We empower families to meet their basic physiological, psychological and developmental needs, through providing livelihood and skill development training and support as well as psychosocial counselling support to both children and their families.

We strengthen communities by raising awareness, strengthening child protection mechanisms, facilitating savings groups and helping develop local schools.

2) Returning trafficked and displaced children to their families

We trace and re-connect children who may have been trafficked, displaced or willingly sent away to orphanages and other similar institutions and where possible, return them to their immediate or extended family, and provide ongoing support through the Reintegration Education Scholarship Program where needed.  

3) Providing temporary residential home care for children with no other safe option

Where a child has been rescued from an abusive orphanage or similar, or is unable to live with their immediate or extended family due to risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation, as a last resort we provide children with a temporary safe, loving, home environment, a good education, and a range of opportunities for their personal development at our purpose-built home, until they can be safely reintegrated.


How will the funds be used?

Donors can pre-arrange with SCAI where their funding will go. Where not specified by the donor, funds will be used across any of our current projects where there is a need:

  1. Community Education Scholarship Programs
    • Education expenses and materials e.g. fees, uniforms, books, notebooks, stationary
    • Extra child support e.g. contribution to food, transport, personal items, medical care, and for college, room rent and basic set up cost.
    • Family support e.g. medical care, basic household (e.g. simple toilet, door with lock, kitchen items, basic furniture)
    • Capacity building / Awareness
    • Community school education improvement
    • Sustainable family livelihood development 
  2. Re-integration Education Scholarship Program
    • Education expenses and materials e.g. fees, uniforms, books, notebooks, stationery
    • Extra child support e.g. contribution to food, transport, personal items, medical care, and for college, room rent and basic set up cost.
  3. Residential Care
    • Shelter, food, medical, clothing, staff support, psychosocial support/counselling, life skills training, skill development, career guidance, extra-curricular activities, support for family tracing and reconnection, capacity building for live in staff.

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